1. General provisions

These terms and conditions apply to purchases in the online store prolenshop.sk. The terms and conditions define the rights and obligations between the seller (supplier) on the one hand and the buyer (customer, consumer) on the other. The seller and operator of the online store prolenshop.sk is:

Štúrova 101
059 21 Svit
Company ID: 31736327
Tax ID: 2020015624

2. Order of goods

After selecting the goods, the buyer fills in the order form. If the buyer is a private person, give the name, address, phone, e-mail address. If he / she acts as an entrepreneur, he / she shall state the name of the company and shall include the ID company and VAT number in the note. Once filled in, he will send the order. Once submitted, the order will be processed and an order receipt will be sent to the email address listed. The submitted order serves as a purchase contract.

3. Delivery and Payment Terms

The goods can be taken over in person in our company store or we deliver the ordered goods through the second class of the Slovak Post or by courier comapny. The delivery period begins at the moment the money is credited to our account. Product deliveries will be made in the shortest possible time, up to 10 days, depending on product availability and seller’s shipping options. In case of unavailable goods, the buyer is informed about the possible extension of the delivery in time. The place of delivery of the goods is determined by the buyer and is determined on the basis of the buyer’s order. Delivery is deemed to be fulfilled by delivering of the goods to that address. The consignment also includes a receipt.

The price of the goods that the buyer will take over in the company shop will be paid in cash upon receipt. Payment information will be sent to you for payment by transferring.

Upon receiving of payment to the supplier’s account, the goods will be sent to the buyer as soon as possible according to the availability in stock together with the receipt from the cash register.

Upon delivery of the goods and payment by cash on delivery, the buyer will pay the price of the goods to the Slovak Post Office upon receipt of the package or to the courier company.

The buyer is obliged to check the condition of the goods upon receipt of the goods. If the goods are damaged, the buyer is obliged to write down a record of the damage, which will be confirmed by Slovak Post/courier comapny. In this case, the buyer will not accept the goods. By signing the shipping note, the buyer confirms the integrity of the order envelope. The purchase price for the goods does not include packaging and delivery costs. The packing and postage price is stated directly at the purchase depending on the weight of the product. Cash on delivery increases the price by € 1.50.

In the case of personal collection, the goods are reserved to the buyer in the company store for 3 days. After 3 days from the day when the buyer was obliged to take over the goods, the seller is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract and sell the goods to a third party. The buyer has the right to check the goods before taking them.

4. Withdrawal from the contract

Pursuant to the Act on Consumer Protection in Doorstep Selling and Consignment Sales (Act No. 108/2000 Coll.), The Buyer – Consumer has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract without giving any reason within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, while it is necessary that a letter of withdrawal from the contract would be delivered to the seller within that period.

The buyer has this right even if he has picked up the goods ordered via the Internet personally in the company store. If the goods are in full compliance with the quality requirements and have not been defective, the purchaser shall bear the cost of returning the goods. The Seller has the right to cancel the order if it is not able to deliver the goods to the buyer within the period specified in these Terms and Conditions due to the sale of the inventory. The buyer will be immediately informed of this fact.

By withdrawing from the contract, the parties are obliged to return the performance to each other. If the buyer returns the ordered goods damaged, partially worn or in a condition that does not correspond to the condition in which it was sent by the seller, the withdrawal is inadmissible.

When withdrawing from the contract, the buyer is obliged to provide the contact details and the account number to which the purchase price for the ordered goods to be paid by the seller.

5. Complaints

In case the buyer discovered a defect on the purchased goods, which was not caused by its improper use, but the defect of the product itself, it has the right to claim the goods. After finding the defect of the product, the buyer is obliged to contact the seller at the email address info@prolenshop.sk or by phone at 00421 905 902 234. He indicates the product number, defect number, tax document number. The seller contacts the buyer for an agreement on the further proceeding to resolve the claim. The complaint will be processed within 30 days. The goods must be returned undamaged, clean, marked and proof of purchase. You will be charged for Costs for shipping to our postal address and back to you will be paid by Fibrochem. Do not send a goods by C.O.D. (cash on delivery) – it will be not taken over.

Alternative dispute resolution
The buyer has the right to apply to the seller for redress (by email to info@prolenshop.sk) if he is not satisfied with the way the seller handled his claim or if he believes the seller has violated his rights. If the seller responds to or rejects the complaint within 30 days, the buyer has the right to file an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) under Act 391/2015 Coll. ARS are eligible legal entities under §3 of Act 391/2015 Coll. The proposal may be submitted by the buyer in the manner specified in §12 of Act 391/2015 Coll.

The buyer may also complain through the RSO Alternative Dispute Resolution Platform, available online at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/index_en.htm.

Alternative dispute resolution may be used only by a natural person who, when concluding and performing a purchase contract, does not act within the scope of his business activity or employment. Alternative dispute resolution concerns only the dispute between the buyer and the seller resulting from the purchase contract or related to the consumer contract. Alternative dispute resolution applies only to distance contracts. Alternative dispute resolution does not concern disputes where the value of the dispute does not exceed EUR 20. The ADR entity may require the consumer to pay a fee for initiating an alternative dispute resolution of up to EUR 5 with VAT.

6. Failure to collect the ordered shipment

If the goods which are the subject of the purchase contract based on the buyer’s order are not taken over at www.prolenshop.sk, the seller is entitled to claim damages from the buyer in the amount of necessarily incurred costs related to the fulfillment of the legal contract.

7. Market surveillance authority for consumer protection in the internal market

Inspectorate of Slovak Trade Inspection for Presov Region

Supervision Department
phone no .: 00421 51/7721 597
fax. no: 00421 51/7721 596
E-mail: po@soi.sk

8. General Data Protection Regulation

The operator has taken appropriate technical, organizational and personnel measures appropriate to the processing of personal data, taking into account the usable technical means in particular, the confidentiality and importance of the personal data being processed, as well as the range of potential risks that may undermine the security or functionality of its information systems.

Only people over 16 years old can purchase in our e-shop. If the customer is under the age of 16, his / her legal representative or other person over the age of 16 may order the goods.

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